Ever since its founding, Doping Creative Agency’s primary focus has been on promoting creativity and inspiring innovation through our diverse areas of activities. Today, we are extending our expertise to bring that same “doping” to the music industry.

Introducing Doping Space, a platform set to revolutionize Armenia's music scene. Our vision is to elevate Yerevan into a thriving hub for international modern music. And to achieve this, we have assembled a team of seasoned industry professionals to organize mega-concerts of unparalleled magnitude.

As we push the boundaries of entertainment, we make it our mission to host world-famous artists on Armenia's largest stages and to create unforgettable experiences for the youth. These events will boost our cultural landscape and serve as a magnet for tourists seeking top-tier entertainment.

From EDM festivals to multiple large-scale concerts throughout the year, we aim to promote the arts, energize our audiences, and celebrate music at every show.

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